While exhaust tips have the sole function of looking incredible, you have multiple styles to choose from: 


  • Straight Cut
    These exhaust outlets have a traditional but spongy look that enhances the aesthetics and visible blind spot of the rear end of the vehicle. Even if it is stock equipped in the car, the straight cut tip will give the look of a high performance exhaust system under your bumper.


  • Angle Cut
    The air outlets of this style are cut at an angle, which blends nicely with the aggressive body styling. Sharp and muscular, these tips are a favorite of the 4X4 crowd.


  • Intercooled
    Unlike regular tips, intercooler tips have auxiliary tubes surrounded by turbine-like fins. While the intercooler doesn't increase horsepower, its unique styling is sure to add a high-performance feel to your car.


  • Rolled Edge
    The beaded vent has a solid, inward curved appearance with a smooth, rounded outlet edge. This pointed bead adds interior depth and makes your car's exhaust system appear larger than it is.


  • Single Wall
    This style has a single layer of metal tube. Essentially, any style tip can be a single wall design. Even better, single-wall exhausts are generally more affordable than dual-wall exhausts.


  • Dual Wall
    These tips have a two-layer construction and create the illusion of being solid and heavy. Also, the rear profile of the dual-walled tip is thicker for easy viewing from behind. Best of all, they come in a variety of shapes, with straight or angled cuts.


  • Turndown Exit
    Also known as a "dump out," turndown tips angle toward the road. This style shows more chrome when looking down at the tip from the curb. And, turning down the tip reflects sound waves off the road back into your ride, offering performance lovers a slightly louder sound and great style.